workers compensation attorney orange, california

Don't Let a Workplace
Injury Harm Your Finances

File a workers' compensation claim in Orange, CA

Workplace accidents can leave you with debilitating physical and emotional wounds, making it difficult to return to work and earn your wage. You need a workers' comp attorney who knows the complexities of the law to fight for your rights. Contact James J. Rucker, Attorney at Law to file a workers' compensation claim in Orange, CA.

Trust attorney Rucker to explain your legal options in clear and simple terms. Don't let your employer withhold compensation for workplace injuries, wrongful death or future medical care. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with a skilled workers' comp attorney.

When should you hire a workers' comp attorney?

Though your employer may act like they are working in your best interests that is most often not the case. Your attorney will help you file a workers' compensation claim if:

  • You are no longer able to work
  • You can only work in a limited capacity
  • You are not getting the correct benefits
  • Your medical benefits are being denied
  • You have significant pre-existing disabilities
  • You want to dispute a decision made by your employer
  • Your workplace injury requires surgery
  • You are entitled to permanent or partial disability
  • You want to dispute a decision made by the insurance company

Attorney Rucker has devoted most of his legal career to workers' compensation cases. Reach out to us to give yourself the best chance at a favorable outcome.