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Our team has over 75 years
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Worker's Compensation has become increasingly difficult to navigate in recent years. Getting the benefits you have earned is nearly impossible without the assistance of an experienced team.

  • Access to treatment is often denied
  • Workers are sent back to work early
  • Permanent disability is underestimated
  • Future medical care is ignored

Often, workers who have given their lives for the Company are abandoned.

Getting our clients benefits that have been denied is our specialty. Today, more than ever insurance companies routinely deny benefits because they know most workers don't have the experience and, more importantly, energy to fight for yourself.

When you have been injured and you are unable to work, who has the energy to put up the kind of fight required to beat the system.

Each case is handled by Mr. Rucker with the support of his seasoned staff. Your case won't end up being handled by a junior person at the offices of James J. Rucker, Attorney at Law.

Our office handles worker's compensation cases exclusively making us experts in the field. Should you require assistance with social security or product liability, we have associates that can handle your case.